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In-state medical cannabis grow dead for this year


A proposal to allow the in-state production of medical cannabis oil for a list of approved medical conditions is dead for the current Georgia legislative session.

Rep. Allen Peake confirmed Monday that HB722 with in-state cultivation wouldn't get out of a House committee this year. He said he would try to fix some smaller issue in last year's law, which allows Georgians to possess up to 20 oz. of CBD-rich cannabis oil. But push back from the governor made it impossible to get in-state cultivation approved this session.

Georgians can still have the oil for some limited medical conditions, but will continue to have to travel out-of-state to acquire the oil. Bringing the oil back into the state remains a federal offense, however. It is that problem HB 722 attempted to fix this year. But opposition from the governor, law enforcement and some religious groups killed the plan this session, Peake said.


Another seizure


It's a shame that Georgia's leaders didn't take action on this issue this legislative session. The people that are really hurt by that lack of action are those who might benefit from some kind of legitimate, regulated medical cannabis industry in the state.
One of those who might benefit is my 21-year-old son, Clark, a seizure patient.
This 6 minute video shows part of one of his seizures and of the steps we have to take to stop a seizure with a rectal injection of liquid Valium. If you have never witnessed a seizure, this may be disturbing. 
This particular seizure lasted much longer than 6 minutes, but this shows just how bad they can be for some patients. Clark has 1-2 seizures a week and many are similar to this one. Sometimes, he stops breathing and I have to do CPR.
If our state leaders had children or grandchildren who suffered like this, the cannabis issue would not have any opposition. As it is, they are focused more on the stigma of a little weedy plant than they are patients.